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         Fushun Hengji after more than ten years of carve, with firm and indomitable will, the spirit of tenacious struggle, all rivers run into sea, through the mind, pioneering spirit, the courage to challenge themselves, to overcome self! Fushun Hengji can survive, develop and grow in the fierce competition in the market!
        Fushun Hengji stands in Fushun city of Liaoning Province, the South Bank of Hunhe River, this is Lei Feng's second home, we have to put one's heart and soul into the spirit of Lei Feng as an example, for the majority of customer service, in good faith to win the highly recognized the vast number of users of coal mine, electric power, iron and steel, cement and support.
        Future, full of pride, we will be "management, development, improve the" business principles, for the vast number of customers to provide quality products! Let customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of Hengji people, friends from all walks of life to create a better future together with us sincerely welcome!

    The general manager of Fushun Hengji Machinery

               Equipment Co Ltd: Liu Xiaoguang

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